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#4 CVD-Diamond Coated Tools

CVD-Diamond Coated Tools for Drilling, Milling, & Routing:

Apache Aerospace has developed a new series of special grade of carbide tools with 6 μm to 12μm of CVD-Diamond Coating for drilling Aircraft & Automotive, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic Materials to provide delamination free and with no breakouts.

These tools for Drilling and Milling come with and without coolant holes to provide high-pressure air that eliminates dust build-up around the cutting edges.

These special tools can be used for dry applications or with coolant. Our special tools are currently in production with many aerospace companies in the U.S. and Worldwide locations.

We provide complete technical support for testing customers propriety materials and provide our test data outcome under NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)

Cutting Tool Range
From 1 mm to 53 mm